OgMod Tracker (v1.1) [work with november 2010 patch]
Download the plugin here
(Important: you need the turbine snippets, see below for more info)

While learning the LOTRO plugins API and LUA, i wrote an Item Tracker plugin.

What does it do: It track items quantity! First you add one or more items to track with a quantity threshold. Once the item reach the threshold, the item will be inserted in a monitor window that you have positioned somewhere in your screen. That will notify you that you need to purchase/craft/whatever more of the specified item.

The UI have 2 windows:
The plugin configuration window
OgMod Tracker - Option Panel
  • Options
    • Enable/Disable the plugin
    • Lock/Unlock the Monitor window
    • Display the monitor window vertically/horizontally
    • Make the background of the monitor blink
    • Configure the full backpack threshold (in seconds)[new with v1.1]
  • List of tracked items
  • Add new items to track
The Monitor window
OgMod Tracker - Monitor
  • A dragable bar that display tracked items that quantity are under or equal to the configured threshold.
  • It can be switch Horizontally or vertically
  • Its lockable
  • The Background flash when an item is in it (can be disabled in the option panel).

You can edit the threshold of an item, enable/disable it or even delete it of the item collections from the configuration panel or from the monitor window. Just click (left-click or right-click) an item and select whatever option you want in the context-menu.

  • The ESC key close the window (like other LOTRO windows).
  • To drag the monitor window, just use the small grey icon (that will be position at 0, 0 initially) for that.
  • The settings are writtend to disk every 10sec if they have changed and when the plugin is unloaded (i did not want to save settings every time the window.PositionChanged event is fire). And even if your game crash, the settings are saved.

How to load it:
/plugins load OgModTracker

How to open the configuration window if its closed (updated to a toggle):
/OgModTracker config
/OgModTracker c
/omt config
/omt c

How to get a list of commands (there is only one for now):
Or with whatever else parameter than "config".

Known Issues:

  • The quantities only update every 5sec, when an item is added/removed from the backpack or when an item is modified (threshold, enabled/disabled, ...). This is caused by the API not fireing the item.QuantityChanged event.
    • You can now configure the update delay [with v1.1]
  • Clicking on the checkbox does not work. You have to click on the text next to the checkbox (no clue why the API dont fire the event). Thanks Turbine
  • Hide the monitor window when the UI is hidden (like with F12)

To do/To add (reminder list)

  • Open the main window OnLoad only the first time that you load the plugin. [with v1.1]
  • Remove my DragHandle and use the DragBar component instead.
  • When the API will permit it, i want to add the support for skills (buffs, toggle skill, etc)
  • Monitoring multiple items as only one (like 3 different type of hope token, different type of food, etc.)
  • Add a context menu to the DragHandle that gave options (the same as the options window) and allow ppl to open the options window from there
  • Rewrite a lot of stuff since I dont like the plugin architecture (there is way TOO much coupling between components). I learned lua while doing that so I havnt bother too much about architecture. I was more fighting with the API/LUA...
  • There is no visual indicator for disabled items (in the configuration window), adding that could be great.
  • Provide a choice of "Greater or Equal" or "Lesser or Equal" for the quantity. Let me explain: now if the quantity of an item is lesser or equal to the theshold, the item will appear in the monitor window. The option will offer this: if the quantity of an item is greater or equal to the threshold, the item will appear in the monitor window. This is an idea from a comment in the beta forum.
  • Remove the Ogulrok library from the plugin directory and include it in the OgulrokPlugins directory (remove global dependencies)

The Files:
There is 2 different packages, a library and the tracker plugin. I intend to extend the library and to use it for other plugins (eventually).

I repackaged the plugin with all 3 needed directory in 1 zip file : the Ogulrok library, the OgModTracker plugin and the Turbine snippets.

  • Expected directory structure:
    [lotro plugins directory]\Ogulrok
    [lotro plugins directory]\OgulrokPlugins
    [lotro plugins directory]\Turbine
  • Zip file:
    The full package

    You need the Turbine base code for the plugin to work. You can download it here: Introduction to Lua UI scripts.
    You only need to put the "Turbine" directory into your plugins directory. The "TurbinePlugins" directory is not required (its exemples).

The Library:

  • Ogulrok.Timer
    A timer class (actually its from Digital_Utopia, i just discovered it before writing mine, thx to you).
  • Ogulrok.UI.AlertWindow
    Basically its a window that display text messages and have a ok button in it (that close it).
  • Ogulrok.UI.DragHandle
    Its a Turbine.UI.Window sub-class that can be used to drag his parent object.
  • Ogulrok.UI.NumericTextBox
    A TextBox that enforce the use of number, no other text accepted.
  • Ogulrok.UI.TextBoxWindow
    A simple Window with a TextBox in it + 2 buttons (ok and cancel). When the "Ok" button is clicked, the Ok event is fired.
    The textbox can be a NumericTextBox (optional boolean argument in the constructor)
Note: this is basically the post I have made on the beta forums (a bit updated).
v1.1 update [November 29, 2010]:
  • Updated some codes for the plugin to work with the november 2010 patch
  • The plugin will now run in the intended Apartment: OgModTracker
  • Added the possibility to configure the full backpack scan interval
OgMod Tracker (v1.0) Tutorials

How to add items:

OgMod Tracker - Add an item
The newly added item:
OgMod Tracker - Newly added item.jpg

How to edit an item:

You can edit an item from the monitor window or from the configuration window by clicking on the item you want to edit.

Exemple: you can quickly disable an item from the monitor window since it can be annoying while raiding that your configured food item is blinking in your screen. Anyway you cannot go buy any since you are away from town ;) OgMod Tracker - ContextMenu From Config OgMod Tracker - ContextMenu From Monitor.jpg

Disabling an item by clicking the "Enabled: true" option: OgMod Tracker - Enabled Item

Item disabled (will be removed from the monitor if it was there): OgMod Tracker - Disabled Item

Editing the threshold of an item:

  1. Click the "Threshold: X" option in the context-menu OgMod Tracker - Editing THreshold
  2. A new window will open, just change the quantity and click ok OgMod Tracker - Edit Threshold Window Initial OgMod Tracker - Edit Threshold Window Modified
  3. The threshold is now updated OgMod Tracker - Threshold changed.jpg

That is mostly how it work. Any questions/suggestions/feedback are welcome. Unfortunatly, there is no way to submit comments here so use the Contact button on the left(or this link).